Appreciation to Dr. Gokulan India

Dr. Gokulan: IN


“About 15 years ago I had severe itching in my eyes,  so I went to a renowned Mumbai eye specialist called Dr. K...... ...a. Dr. M...a examined both my eyes with his state-of-the-art machines and announced I had CATARACTS IN BOTH EYES, removing which would cost me Re. 1 lac per eye!

“But I can see very well, Doc,” I protested. He was adamant and insisted on a date for the cataract removal  surgery.  I visited a second  eye specialist  for a second opinion and he insisted that there was no CATARACT.

I went back to Dr. M...a and murmured there could have been an error. However, he stuck to his  guns . “Rs 2 lacs for both eyes.” He smiled. “When?” 

Then Susheel and I flew to Kerala to Dr. Gokulan's Eye Clinic. We did his 15 days treatment and lo  and behold, my itching in the eyes disappeared forever.

And, may be because we do his treatment each year, 15 years down the line, there is still no signs of a cataract in any of my eyes!

Kumkum Somani