A complete refreshing program for computer professionals and those who work more on computers..Not alone for their eyes but to the entire body..all just in 7 - 14 days a year..
These days most of the younger and growing generation is acquainted with use of keyboard and computers. The major share of the work is being carried out with help of computers or monitors, be it at sales outlets, offices or at Technopark.

What Is "Vision - Pro" And How Does It Work?

According to Ayurveda, ancient Indian system of medicine, tested by time (for more than 2500 years and still emerging as one among the top), the whole body is made of panchamahabhutas (five basic elements) and the physiology is controlled by various balances of Tridoshas (three humors or unseen concepts) in the body termed Vata Pitta and Kapha which are visible only thru their mode of action. Ayurveda looks into the balancing of these humors and panchamahabhutas in a healthy body, the very change in the atmosphere or the manifestations of various disease causing organisms does not afflict a healthy man who keeps good maintenance of these factors.
VisionPro & VisionPro Deluxe is designed taking into consideration the changing habits of food and total living culture that has spawn various hazardous diseases and disorders in human kind.

The Methodology

In the VisionPro thrust is given to refreshing the eyeball and treating the associated symptoms with therapies such as Tarpana, Nasya Kashayadhara Shashtika and other oral medicines and / or oils for head as situation demands.
A general as well as specified mode of therapies and medications are adopted lasting minimum 7 up to 14 or seldom 21 days, which looks on revitalizing the body from locally and within. Herbal formulations in the form of Decotion of Ghee or Oil or some times raw herbal juice are used for these applications. They are totally safe and harmless to the body and to the bio-system in all manners and works well as preventive promotive and as cure. The instillation of these herbal medicines into the eyes or nostrils give a soothening and relieving experience to the subject during and after the therapies.
VisionPro Deluxe is a combination of eye as well as whole body therapy including the purificatory techniques popularly known as Panchakarma.
Just spend less than 2 - 3 hrs. a day for 7 days over 3 / 6 / 12 months intervals. Result assured.

The Burning Out Factor

For any kind of a careful work, our body requests some time to be "adroit". In other words our body responds in an indifferent manner for certain period of time to any change of special task to be carried out constantly and continuously. The response may emerge in many ways and causes strain and head ache initially and may slowly devalue the capabilities of body-parts. For example a software engineer who writes programs does so with research, corrections and references, needs to work with his laptop or pc a minimum of 8 to perhaps 12 or 16 hours a day and perhaps in odd times too depending on various occupational back ground and requirements. This causes the whole body to experience fatigue irritation pain and finally permanent damages. On a closer look it is seen that may happen to the following body parts-

For distances more than 6 metres and infinity, the lens need to be in relaxed or in flat position. The lens capsule contracts more and more with reduced distances. In use of computers, the average distance between the eyes and the system is limited to around 30 - 50 cms. The constant watching in the monitor causes spasm of ciliary muscles which control the lens and gradually causes strain, head ache besides dry eyes due to non closure of eye lids while staring into the screen thus drying up the cornea which needs constant lubrication to function. This constant watch after certain amount of time causes progression in the refractive indices called Myopia. The power of the lenses grow high in advent of time which results in high myopia.

A very common disorder presented with severe discomfort and mobility strain of neck is known as cervical spondylosis. This results of continuous defective positioning of the cervical spines causing imbalance in pressure and leads to prolapse of spine matter into the spaces between two bones.

Similar to that in cervical region the lumbar region too exerts imbalanced pressure due to constant bad posture resulting in compression of the intra spine matter causing severe pain and strain in moving and walking.

The conditioned placing of the wrist over the table and the key board for long time causes swelling & spasm of tiny muscles controlling the finger and hand movement. This results in gradual rigidity and loses flexibility of the wrist and later finger movements gives immense pain.

In general, the absence of proper movement of body in the long term causes frozen shoulder, joint pain and swelling in joints. This also causes various not so prominent Obesity, Indigestion and Gastric problems and inadequate bowel functions.
The question is, is our body fully adept to receive this kind of constant work applications?
Do our organs possess pretty good strength to defend the muscular tone and energy variations required for this constant workload?
Are our eyes capable of withstanding the stress & strain of heavy-duty exposure to light and spasm?
Well, the answer is No.
They' re absolutely not designed for these kinds of regular heavy mode of action.

The Care Factor

These organs need some kind of rejuvenation or maintenance program to tone up and refresh the system to withstand the stress and overcome the problems in short run as well as long run.

The Cost Factor

An average of Rs.1000.00 to Rs.3000.00 per day, depending on the selection of therapies mentioned above for 7 /14 /21 days.

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Dr. B. G. Gokulan
(Chief Physician & CEO)
Sudarshanam Ayurveda Eye Hospital
& Panchakarma Centre,
'Anjanam',Thymala, Manjadi P.O,
Thiruvalla,Pathanamthitta District
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