Treatment Procedures

There are various applications for the medicines to act upon the eyes and the body. The major among them are Kashayadhara, Nasya, Tarpana, Putapaka, Pichu, Shashtika pinda sweda, Talam, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Yogavasthi and so on...


Measured dropping of herbal decotion added with honey to the eyes from a specific height for a specific period is called Kashayadhara. Any therapy in the eye generally starts with Kashayadhara. This has a cleansing property and is very soothing to the patient too.


Placing medicated ghee over the bordered eye balls for a specific period for 7 - 14 days is called Tarpana. Black gram powder paste (moong dal) is used to build the border around the eye balls to keep the medicine inside. Tarpana improves the vision very much and in children it often give results even within a short span of 7 days it self. In cases of myopia this is proved to be very helpful in improving the distant vision to considerable level.


Instilling medicated oil by drops into both nostril is known as Nasya. This is done especially to clean up the passage and to nourish the organs and improve the nerve system. This also helps to improve complexion and to lifts the face. This is usually carried out after kashaya dhara preferably at mornings or evenings.

Shashtika Sweda

Massaging with a poultice made with herbal milk decotion and paste over the closed eyes for a prescribed time and under controlled pressure is called Shashtika sweda. This is generally done in cases with high astigmatism and weak and small eye balled people.


Placing cotton or cotton cloth soaked in medicated oil over the centre of head (Bregma) for a specific period is called Pichu. Pichu is performed in those patients who cannot withstand the course of Shirovasti. This is useful in diseases of eye ear nose and head ache depending on the medicinal quality of oil.


This is one of the major therapies in Ayurveda, carried out in cases of Neurological eye disorders, Head ache, Thyroid dysfunction diabetic retinopathy and many other problems related with hormones . Patient is made lying on a specially designed therapy bed with a forehead band. Medicine (Medicated oil, milk or butter milk or sometimes plain water ..are used) is kept in a bronze or mud vessel which has a hole on the bottom inserted with a strip of cloth for about 1/4 meter. The medicine is dropped to the forehead continuously for about 45 minutes to one hour.


One of the major therapies in Ayurveda performed generally in Neurological disorders including that of eye. The medicated gingelly oil about 1 litre is placed above the head in a special cap for about 1 hour or until some specified signs are seen.


Measured un interrupted flow of medicated buttermilk(Takra)to the forehead on supine position from about 4 angula height(about 4 finger width) for about 45 min to 1 hour.Performed in cases of Pitta origin and Diabetes complications too.Very common in skin diseases.


A unique process of blood letting in measured quantities from eye lids in cases of allergic as well as Pitta origin disorders to purify the flow of blood.Leeches are cleaned with Turmeric water and used only once usually.Single or multiple leeching may be carried out.Small variety of leech used in eyes and bigger ones in other skin diseases.


Putapaka procedure is similar to that of Tarpana where instead of Ghee Medicated herbal juice extract is used after processing. usually carried out followed by Tarpana course to Empower the eyes and to improve the vision.